How to Treat Rainwater for Drinking

How to Treat Rainwater for Drinking

Despite being beneficial for so many things, rainwater isn’t as pure as most of us might think. According to the center for disease control and prevention, rainwater can host parasites, viruses, bacteria, and harmful chemicals often linked to highly infectious disease outbreaks. But that’s not just it. Also, dust, smoke, and potentially dangerous heavy metals … Read more

Does Shower Filter Help Hair Loss?

Does Shower Filter Help Hair Loss

The reality of getting bald due to progressive hair loss is the last thing anyone would want to think of, even in their wildest dreams. Surprisingly your home’s water source could be one of the major contributing factors to your hair problem. Chemicals and minerals such as chloride, mercury, magnesium, and impurities such as sand … Read more

The cheapest way to remove iron from well water

Well-water is synonymous with iron which is plenty in the earth’s crust. Since it is almost unavoidable to prevent iron from sipping into your well water, what are the characteristics of such kind of water? The presence of iron in water will not go without knowing. The first common phenomenon is stained reddish surfaces. Besides, … Read more

Top 6 Best Water Filters for Lead Removal 2021

Working in a non-profit environmental protection organization for many years, I have witnessed several cases of lead poisoning from environmental pollution and its severe impacts on multiple body systems, especially to children. They absorb 4-5 times as much ingested lead as adults, according to WHO! Therefore, preventing and removing the lead from your life is … Read more

Best Fluoride Water Filters 2021

Fluoride is widely used for its decay-preventing function. But drinking water containing fluoride may be a different story. After all, fluoride is a chemical. It has toxic properties even in low concentrations. Ingested fluoride can accumulate in our bones which may cause dangerous health problems, including cancer. Please keep in mind that we are not … Read more

Best Iron Filters for Well Water 2021 ( Reviews & Update )

In this article, we?ll help you pinpoint the Best Iron Filters for Well Water 2021. More specifically, we have compared the most-sought-after units on the market and what makes them special. Most water taken from well carries a high amount of iron. It results in a metallic taste of water and leaves staining and clogging … Read more