What to Do If Your House Floods from Rain

What to Do If Your House Floods from Rain

The rainy season might be both good and bad. It’s terrible when the water becomes too much, and starts seeping into your house. It’s a challenge that can compromise your property’s functionality, and you need to handle it right. Doing it DIY is not possible, because you don’t have the expertise, resources or manpower. Thus, … Read more

Water Softener Salt Crystals vs. Pellets

Whether you just bought a new water softener or still using an old one choosing the right type of salt is key in ensuring your appliance works perfectly. For one, it is a crucial part of the softener’s maintenance, washing away trapped water hardness minerals in resin beds. But which type of salt should you … Read more

Tall vs. Short Water Heater

They say home is where the heart is, but I say home is where the warmth is. You know why? A good hot bath after a long day of clumping in jackets and sweaters trying to beat the cold. Unfortunately, it can go from bad to worse real quick when all you find is ice-cold … Read more

Pros and Cons of Salt-Free Water Softeners

Did you ever think a time would come when no salt would be needed for your water softener to work? A time when all you need to do is connect your equipment to the faucet and quench your thirst in a few minutes? Well, that was the word of honor from salt-free water softeners. They … Read more

Hot Water Heater Making Loud Noises

Why is my hot water heater making loud noises? This is an everyday question that has been bugging most homeowners. It could be a high-pitched noise, a hissing noise, knocking, or even a siren-like noise. Sometimes it is just a light sizzle or, worse, a head-splitting rumble. They all point out one thing; your hot … Read more

Electric vs. Non-Electric Water Softener

Are you torn between choosing the electric and the non-electric water softeners? Do you think that maybe the electric water softener will be more efficient, or is it your thought that the non-electric one will cut your total utility costs? You are not alone. Trust me, it can be very frustrating trying to figure out … Read more

Upflow vs. Downflow Water Softener

At the end of the day, you will have to decide which water softener you will be bringing home. Is it the upflow water softener or the downflow water softener? What is the big difference? Don’t they all soften water? The most puzzling dilemma, especially for any new homeowner, is which side of the upflow … Read more

How to tell if Water Softener is working

Are you having doubts about the performance of your water softener? Do you think that it is not working as it should? Perhaps you are experiencing dry and itchy skin moments after taking a shower, or maybe you have noticed lathering is not as easy and quick as before. Learning how to tell if your … Read more

How does Brita Filter Indicator Work?

How does Brita Filter Indicator Work

While most families use Brita jugs to filter drinking water, only a few members in a particular household understand how the entire filtration system works. Unknown to them, Brita filter jugs and dispensers have different parts, all working together to provide purified drinking water. One of those parts is the filter indicator. Surprisingly, most people … Read more

Rain Chain Pros and Cons

Rain Chain Pros and Cons

In most households, having a rain chain is nothing short of a stunning decorative addition to their rainwater collection system. However, they still remain functional directing water into storage vessels and drains whenever there is a downpour. More so, have you heard the magical aesthetic chimes when rainwater flows down the cups while the bells … Read more