Best Upflow Water Softener

We know for sure that soft water in its purest form is quite rare. And given that water treatment plants don’t have the robust technology to remove hardness and contaminants from thousands of gallons of water every day,

the only option left is to invest in water softeners that can purify water and serve it in its best form.  This is where the best upflow water softenerscome in.

Designed to remove water hardness before it drips from the tap, an upflow water softener delivers clean water to drink, clean, and shower.

So you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy bottled water for home use. And it’s not just water hardness that such a softener can remove. The device even conditions your water so that it’s both healthy and tasty for consumption. 

In this guide, we’ll look at the top-rated upflow water softeners that you can install to soften and purify water from any source.

Best Upflow Water Softener Reviews

1. Genesis 2 High Efficiency Upflow Water Softener

When it comes to efficiency and performance, very few water softener brands come close to what Genesis can do. If you choose to have this model installed in your home, you can enjoy the benefit of soft, clean water without spending a lot of water or salt.

From a design standpoint, the brand has given this version the best construct. Not to mention included necessary features such as seals, electronic sensors, and adjustable cycles to enhance performance.

Given its space saving design, this upflow water softener is a good deal to consider if you’re limited on space.

Speaking of performance, Genesis 2 water softener directs water from the bottom to the top. This way, the unit is able to remove water hardness while actively recharging only the depleted resins.

Moreover, the upflow mechanism drives water hardness to the drain. And in the event that the system drops below 3%, the model will automatically crate a short recharge to restore the softener to its standard regeneration time. 

Not only does the unit soften hard water ready for consumption, it also saves on salt and thousands of gallons of water in the process. With the integrated Green Technology, you can expect a reduction of salt discharge by up to 75%.

Unlike a standard water softener, this upflow model features a selective backwashing, which lowers water usage by up to 64%.

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  • The model has a decent recharging capacity
  • Easy to install; you can do the setup yourself if
  • Saves a lot of water and salt when softening hard water 


  • Takes time to install

2. SoftPro Elite Plus Upflow Water Softener

While city and well water is a commodity readily available, it’s not always in the best condition for consumption.

The hardness simply makes the water hard on clothes and utensils.

Not to mention somewhat unsuitable for drinking. But if you have an upflow water softener such as the SoftPro Elite Plus, you can worry less about hardness and serve yourself soft and healthy water.

SoftPro Elite isn’t such a big name in many household. But it’s a highly efficient model that works better than many Downflow water softeners. With its 32,000 grains tank, this unit can soften a good amount of water for home use.

One of the best things about this water softener is the inclusion of 10% cross-linked resin, which offers more chlorine water resistance.

Hence, for the price point, you get a model that will last for a very long time. Moreover, it includes filters that easily remove metals such as chlorine from city water. 

The result is clean, tasty water supply for everyone in a household to consume.  And if you do a comparison between the hard water and the one softened by this unit, you’ll notice that the softened water is spotless.

That means no contaminants to colorize your teeth or leave foreign build up in plates or on clothes.

And given the softness level of the SoftPro Elite Plus, you can spend less money on washing detergents and hair shampoos.

With SoftPro Elite Plus, you’ll soften hard water while saving up to 64% of water and around 75% of salt.  

The brand includes ported system, protective tank, and metered controlled valve for better performance. There’s even a mini computer control that displays the information you need to navigate the water softener.


  • Saves a lot of salt and water when softening hard water 
  • Durable  model that will serve you for years
  • Good for softening city and well water


  • Needs a lot of regular maintenance

3. ABC Waters Upflow Water Filter

If you’re in the market for a water softener that guarantees to serve you with soft, clean water, you might want to consider the ABC Waters Upflow Filter system.

Real time testing shows that it gives you t best value for money. And when it comes to improving water’s flavor, the model does so perfectly.

The installation process may be somewhat a challenge. But while it takes hours to put together, the setup is a one-time thing. So get this model, set-and-forget, and start enjoying clean, soft water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning.

Given its high capacity softening system, which stands at 12 gallons per minute, the unit can soften water enough for 2 to 5 people. Generally, the unit will remove minerals that cause water hardness as well as contaminants that make the same water look dirty.

For better performance, ABC Waters combines this model with an upflow carbon filtration with about 1.5 cubic feet high activity carbon media.

The benefit is you get clean, healthy, and odorless water supply when you need it the most. And the water softened by the device is suitable for anything, from cooking and drinking to bathing and mopping.

One of the things that makes this upflow water softener and filter is that it doesn’t demand too much regular maintenance.

That means you don’t have to clean and back flush it all the time. The model also goes easy on your pipes and water fixtures, so they serve you well for a long time before  there’s a dire need for a replacement.

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  • Budget friendly option
  • The model is easy to use


  • Requires too much sodium intake

What’s an Upflow Water Softener?

It’s a softener that directs water from the bottom of the tank upwards in a rotating motion through the resin. The model doesn’t just save hundreds of gallons of water.

It also lowers the amount of salt used in softening and purifying hard water by up to 30% from a previous regeneration.  And with channeling not being an issue in the process, you get soft water served fast.

Models such as Genesis Upflow are efficient and deliver on the demand soft water with upflow regeneration that use brine as 70% of the solution.

Because of their high efficiency and sufficient reserve of positively charged resins, upflow water softeners completely take away the need to install twin-tank water softeners in your home.

Once you have the best upflow water softener installed, you’ll never have to worry about hard water with impurities ever again.

The softener will remove hardness from well water and water from treatment plants and improve taste for drinking. It will improve laundry detergent’s lathering ability for easy cleaning. And when it’s time to shower, you can do so without worrying about skin rashes, dryness, or itchiness.

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