Best Twin Tank Water Softeners 2021(Reviews & Update )

Best Twin Tank Water Softener

Hard water and maintenance are both problems in some household, but the best Twin Tank water softener 2021 is here to save the day. Not only this softens and cleanses itself at the same time, it also accurately calculates metering system allowing you to save more on salt and water waste.

This ensures buyers to have clean, odourless, and good quality of water, making your appliances and plumbing pipes long lasting, thus also softens skin, hair and avoid irritation.

Here are best twin tank water softeners 2021 reviews available that will save your life.

Top 6 Best twin tank water softeners 2021 on the market

1 AFWFilters Fleck 9100 SXT Twin Metered – Best Product 2021

The AFW Filters Tank Water Softener is suitable for those who do not want to save space. This tank water softener can do 80,000 and 22 GPM so that it can regenerate from one tank to another and can also do it reversely starting from the other tank for it to be constant. And because of its capacity, this tank can ensure the provision of water.

And thanks to its anti-memory loss backup capacitor, that is one of its features that prioritizes the meter for two days and what makes the regeneration cycle not to be missed in case the interruption of power occurs. This giant is practical, and even if this system is large, it can be situated easily. A requirement of maintenance is not needed.

Again, this tank is large, so you need to have time thinking about where to install this system.


  • Great for shops and restaurants
  • Interchanging tanks
  • Lesser regeneration cycle
  • Less use of water and salt
  • Has Anti-memory loss backup capacitor


  • Has large size


2 Discount Water Softeners Genesis 2 – Best Pick by Customers

This system can do 7.4 GPM Genesis On Demand Metered Control with 5 GPM backwash rate, 1.5 Cu. Ft. 10% crosslink that is the highest durability and capacity resin, 1.5 Cu Ft of Catalytic Carbon ¾” and 1” unique bypass with integrated turbine meter. 14×14 brine tank is capable of 200 lbs salt.

Up to 32,400 and 9,720 lbs gallons of water will be saved in 4 families by this tank. This system has electronic sensors, adjustable cycles, and proven seal and spacer designer combined with its Whole House Chlorine Filtration using catalytic carbon for chlorine and chloramine removal in an unconnected tank to hone performance. Genesis has a special feature, which is the Upflow Brining, which calculates the accurate amount of salt brine needed to regenerate, saving up to 30% more salt.

The duty of Automatic Backwash Variable Preset is for cleaner water by matching backwash frequency to water quality needs, while the Soft Water Brine Tank Refill prioritizes the brine tank and injectors cleaner. Stagnant water after 7 days of non-use will be flushed by Automatic System Refresh to avoid bacterial growth.


  • Up-flow bringing
  • Softener and water filter united
  • System set and forget
  • No-touch information screen
  • Approved by NSF


  • Incapable with high level iron


3 AFWFilters Fleck – Best Choice

10” x 54” resin tanks, riser tubes with distributor baskets 1.5 ft³ high capacity resin per tank. This system will assure you that it will give soft water 24/7. Water will be measured and regenerated based on water use by the On-Demand Flow meter conserving salt, and capable of 48k grains.

Has 1.5 ft³ of high capacity resin in each tank and can remove up to 48,000 grains of hardness between regeneration cycles. Service Flow Treats can give you a maximum flow rate of 12 gallons per minute.

This unit is also can remove water hardness in the ion exchange process, literally removes the ions that make the water hard and prevents scale build-up on the surface of your faucet or pipes.

Fleck 9100 Dual tank is pretty affordable, durable, and is a high-quality poly-glass tank made. A larger Brine tank is used for holding salt and during the regeneration process. This 18”x40” can hold 350 lbs of salt and can be installed easily as it has instructions.


  • High Capacity Resin
  • 12 gallons per minute
  • Can hold 350 lbs of salt
  • Eliminates scale water
  • High quality poly-glass tank


  • Expensive
  • Takes 1-2 hours of installation


4 AFW Filters Built 64k

A 12”x48” system tank. Has riser tubes with distributor containers that are 2 cubic strainer resin per tank capable of removing up to 64,000 grains of compensated hardness between regeneration cycles and has a maximum flow rate of 16 gallons per minute.

This system will ensure you an ion free water 24/7. Because of its ability to prevent such ferrous & ferric iron, scale build-ups in your pipes are now eliminated and reduces soap use as water improves soap efficiency.

One of its special features is the LCD display and touchpad controls for easy setup and added control. In the feature of On-Deman Flowmeter, it will regenerate and measure the water and maintains salt and water 64k grain capacity.

This unit is somewhat handy and low cost. Fleck 9100SXT has a high-quality poly-glass tank made and large round brine tank use to hold salt that is used during the regeneration process that measures 18-inchx40-inch that holds 300 lbs of salt.


  • Continuous 16 GPM
  • Eliminates Scale Build-ups
  • 2 cubic fine mesh
  • High-quality poly-glass tank
  • Easy installation


  • Expensive


5 Twin tank metered water softener

When you found a softener that has a Noryl valve body that is great for residential use, it is the new ECTHC-9100. This system is separated from two resin tanks and a single brine tank that has a high flow rate to provide soft water for larger residential and uses an up-flow backwash to clean the softener resin bed.

Most twin tank system’s nature for a continuous supply of soft water with no regeneration needs to use 100% of the resin first before proceeding to the second tank. Because of this unique process of Twin Tank Metered Water Softener, you don’t have to make adjustments while the system is completing its regeneration.

After all of it, the softeners restart with soft water that is already pre-rinsed, then the resin discharges all the hardness and unmoving water it has gathered before that start of the other tank. Upflow regeneration makes the resin beads make the stocks inside pipes being exuded. The poly fiberglass is the reason why the system’s lifetime is prolonged. Poly-lined and are beige in color is what makes the tank organize. 9100EC also prioritizes the rust stains and the mineral build-up.


  • Has Upflow Regeneration
  • Can cope nine members
  • Fiberglass and is poly-lined
  • Capable of 64,000 grains
  • Regeneration is reliable


  • No by-pass available for 1-inch 9100 valve
  • Lack of information


6 Filtersmart Whole House Water Filter System

This twin tank is made from carbon from natural coconut shells that are considered the world’s best carbon from Jacobi, and its filtration utilizes premium NSF that removes Chlorine, Volatile organic compounds and Synthetic organic compounds,

Trihalomethanes chemical compounds, pesticides, any herbicides, and Industrial Solvents which make it good compared to plastic bottles. Magnesium and calcium are not removed by FilterSmart Salt FreesSoftener that makes the water maintain its natural mineral. This system also doesn’t need electricity and water, which makes it more environmental-friendly.

8-10 months is the only maintenance for transforming out the sediment pre-filter, the reason why moving heavy bags of salt and using electricity for draining is not needed. The installation of this carbon made is handy. FilterSmart Whole House will remove your water chlorine to unnoticeable levels for 5 years that is equivalent to 1,000,000 gallons that guarantee the quality of your water.


  • Easy installation
  • Almost a year maintenance
  • Made of carbon
  • Environmental-Friendly
  • Filters Chlorine


  • Space eater


How Does it work?

Softener system like Twin Tank works naturally like what softeners usually do. The first process is the hard water will go to the water system and passes through the resin of the tank, the reason why the water becomes soft as it attracts the minerals that can cause water hardening. After the hard minerals were collected by resin, the regeneration process will do its job for the resin to be cleaned and freed to the hard minerals attach to it.

The salt-water is being strained into the water tank, and it rinses and drains the hard minerals. If the resin is already free from the hard minerals, soft water kicks in to clean the leftover brine water. Therefore, the system is prepared for a new cycle.


Through this article, you will be guided to what is the best Twin Tank softener you might choose and invest in. Just remember that you will use a system that is robust enough to take the challenge for years. Make sure you will have a dual tank that is strong, fully functioned, and prove to be a wise investment.