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Best TDS Meters

Having access to water is one of the most indispensable demands of humans.

Determine the level of total dissolved solids in the water resources can be more beneficial than you thought.?

As from some science reports, water supplying from hydropower plants may contain certain levels of impurities such as metals and minerals.

TDS meter, or also known as nutrient TDS tester, is the simple digital equipment that gives instant and convenient water testing.

What Is The TDS Meter? What Does The Tds Meter Measure?

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter is commonly used to identify the presence of dissolved solids in water.

Best TDS Meter

Beside the H2O molecule, Total Dissolved Solids in water refers to all substances in the water liquid, including dissolved salts, minerals, compounds, and metals.

Because these substances listed above are considered to be contaminants, TDS directly specifies the quality of water sources and water purification systems.

Denote that the dissolved solids do not indicate whether the water contains toxins or not.

Instead, a TDS meter illustrates the need for the basic treatment depending on using the purpose of the water resources.

The meter determines the water purity by a unit of ppm (parts per million).

A low ppm implies that the water resource is pure and good for people consuming, whereas a high TDS level warns how the water supply is impurity and unhealthy.

The range of TDS meter applying is widely also. It can be used to test the efficiency and salt levels in commercial filtration and Hydroponic systems, respectively.

In this article, we focus on the contamination testing function in household water systems only.

What Does The TDS Meter Not Measure?

TDS water meter is an inexpensive hand-held thermometer that can be used to measure the TDS in filtered and tap water.


The process of measurement is flexible and straightforward as its sensors are created to be placed into the water anytime and anywhere. It takes around 10 seconds to carry information about the TDS amount.

However, it has to state that TDS meters do not measure the level of TDS in water.

The only thing they measure is the EC, which is the number of positively (anode) and negatively (cathode) charged electrolytes.

Pure water has an EC of zero, and any EC that is above zero indicates the existence of dissolved contaminants in water.?

For the following stages, since the water from different suppliers could contain different quantities of dissolved substances, TDS meters utilize variation factors, which range from 0.4 to 1.0.

These variation factors are estimated to convert from EC to TDS level. In general, a higher variation factor leads to a higher EC and the TDS level.

Top 6 Best TDS Meters in [year]

1 HoneForest TDS Meter – The Most Flexible Tester


HoneForest tester is one of the most functional diversified testers on the market.

It can measure from 0 to 9,999 ppm and is well-applicable to test for the ranges of tap water, hydroponics, aquariums, and reverse osmosis (RO) water.

Hence, numerous related fields that can obtain HoneForest TDS meter?s functions, including water-quality testing, aquaculture, liquid treatment, water purification processing, etc.?

The most outstanding feature is the automatic temperature adjustment to ensure an accurate analysis of TDS, EC, and water temperature.

Nevertheless, there is also an auto-lock function in case of no operation after two minutes. And don?t forget you receive an offer of a 3-year warranty when purchasing this product.

For the performance, HoneForest tester is reliable and easy to use, making it be the applicable equipment in both professional laboratories and family households.

Besides the above benefits, this model comes with a backlit LCD screen.

The backlit LCD supports the users for easy to read information, and the meter also includes a protective case with a belt clip. Therefore, it is convenient to carry along through the journeys.

However, the reliability of HoneForest TDS meter needs to be concerned. Some customers complain about after a period of using, the tester obtains the problems of switching on and resetting.

To resolve these cases, make us of your warranty and contact to the manufacturer as soon as possible to discuss the malfunction.


2 Dumsamker 3-in-1 TDS Meter – Best Tester for Reverse Osmosis Water


Due to some advanced tests, Dumsamker meter is undeniably the best tester for RO water at an affordable price.

During the product assessment, this meter had shown how well the reverse osmosis water filter works compared to other filters and tap water.?

It does show the significant differences between filtered and unfiltered water.

In results, the TDS of tap water was 233 ppm, of the general filtered water was 179 ppm, and surprisingly, the TDS of RO water was only 10 ppm.

Hence, the meter had done a great job to identify an ideal water filter for family households.

The design is fairly common, it comes in a vinyl case and there is a cap to cover for the test leads. There are three simple buttons on the meter, which are ON, OFF, and CLEAR mode.

However, the LCD screen sometimes bugs for no reason. It does not display any information to show off the problem.?

Overall, this is a quality tool to evaluate the RO drinking water system. The primary reading is not only ppm but also us/cm, degrees C, and degrees F.

There is also a hold function to keep displaying the result after taking the meter out of the water.?

3 HM Digital TDS-EZ Meter ? The Most Durable Tester


This meter comes with advanced microprocessor technology, which gives a processing accuracy of a 3% difference.

HM meter is a greatly efficient measuring tool that measures the water?s TDS in the range of 0 ? 9,900 ppm.

This meter is easy to operate and alike the above models, there is a hold function of saving the measurements to give you an ample ability of processing and recording the results.

The meter is equipped with two non-standard batteries with an average battery life of 1,000 hours.

The battery reliability is assured by the auto-off function that shuts down the meter if it is unused for 10 minutes.

The cover of this meter comes with a strong transparent blue housing to protect the LCD screen and other essential parts. Hence, the durability of the HM Digital TDS-EZ meter is incredibly enhanced.

However, the meter lacks a temperature automatic distinguish function. It means that when you use HM meter to test two same types of water at different temperatures, you would get different TDS level results.?

So, the application of this meter is limited only to the specific water type at the room temperature.

The solution is avoiding testing directly from the tap or water supply equipment but put the water samples in cups for about 30 minutes to stable their temperature and then do the test.

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4 ATC 4-in-1 Meter – The Best Meter for Drinking Water and Aquariums


What sets ATC meter apart from other products is its quality and multipurpose application.

It measures both water quality (by TDS and EC) and temperature (in Celcius and Fahrenheit degrees).

This compact water meter is made with high-quality material to enforce its durability and comes with a nice portable leather bag.

Offering a difference of 2% measuring accuracy and a measuring range from 0 to 9,990 ppm, the meter can be used in a wide range of water testing, especially testing drinking and aquarium/hydroponics water.

The tool is also equipped with a high accuracy titanium alloy probe, you can even test your coffee to ensure that it is healthy.

The most outstanding feature is that this aquarium TDS meter can be used for a wide range of water temperatures (0.1 ? 80?C).

There are four types of display modes using the SHIFT button, including:?

  • TDS ? ppm and Celcius degrees mode
  • TDS ? ppm and Fahrenheit degrees mode
  • EC – ?s/cm and Celcius degrees mode
  • EC – ?s/cm and Fahrenheit degrees mode

However, the ATC meter sometimes does not provide consistent and repeatable readings on the same water samples. The reason for this problem could be about the quality of the measurement operation inside is not durable after a period of using.


5 HM Digital AP-1 Meter ? The Most Accurate Tester


If you are a scientist and need the more accurate and premium grade tester for RO, aquaculture, and hydroponics, the HM Digital AP-1 meter might be the best for you.

The manufacturer offers a difference of 2% measuring accuracy and therefore, it is perfect to be used even in the professional water testing major.

You can also recalibrate the tool with a mini screwdriver to adjust up to your desired measurement levels.

This pocket-sized water tester will give you the confidence to measure any type of water with high accuracy. And the water temperature is not a matter thanks to the Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).

Even it comes to cold or hot water, the ATC is capable to ensure the consistent readings and processing of water temperature fluctuation.

Moreover, you can use the HM TDS meter to perform repeated measurements for a variety of fields to get the accurate collection of results.

The manufacturer provides a detailed usage guide which will come in handy every time you use the meter. Follow the instruction to increase the chances of recording consistent reading each time.

Noticeably, you will have to be careful and take great care when operating and storing this meter.

But you do not have another choice if you want the most accurate result since the ATC needs to be covered and protected after using it.

Nevertheless, a small drop in the battery voltage can lead to significant damages and errors. So you have to always keep the batteries in a fresh dry environment.


6 HM Digital DM-1 Dual Meter ? Best Tester for Moving Water Flow


The HM Digital DM-1 dual meter is the best TDS tool for measuring the water flow of a hydroponic or purification water system.

The most unique feature is this meter is created as a dual inline digital TDS meter, which uses ultimate microprocessor technology to provide highly efficient and accurate results.

This meter is incredibly convenient for determining the quality levels of any water systems such as deionization and RO.

Installing the meter is extremely simple. Turn off the water system, cut and equip the two tubes appropriately and attach the ?IN? and ?OUT? sensor to your tap and filtered water simultaneously.

Then turn the water system back on and start recording the whole water flow in the system.

Alike the above HM?s product, this meter also achieves a high accuracy of a 2% difference.

The only downside is the measurements are displayed only in 3 digits. This means for the TDS levels that are higher than 999 ppm, you have to multiply the results on the screen by 10 times.



To sum up, each of the meters above has its own benefits and downsides. The advice is focusing on your purpose of testing before making the purchasing decision.

But for any reason, water testing kits are a high-end investment when you want to prevent the contaminants from your household water system.

A simple TDS meter for water testing is affordable in recent times, so you don?t need to concern about the price.

However, you need to well study before buying any type of product, especially studying their features and applications.

Hopefully, this article can help you to take the decision to find the best TDS meter for your home. Like, share, and do not hesitate to comment about your experience for us.

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