Best Shower Filters for Hard Water 2020 – Reviews & Guide

If you’re drinking filtered water (or distilled water), why wouldn’t you give showerhead filters some thoughts?

As you probably already know, our household water supply is full of chlorine – a chemical for water disinfection, not to mention hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like carcinogenic trichloroethylene.

I can’t pronounce its name either, but that doesn’t sound like fun even a little bit!

We are more careful with drinking water, as it goes straight into your body. You boil it, filter it, distill it, even purify it, just to be safe!

Then why are you still splashing all that unclean water (with all the chemicals in it) all over your face and skin?

Fun fact number two: Do you know that your skin can absorb up to 64% of total contaminant dosage? That’s not so different from drinking the actual unclean water yourself!

Top 7 Best Shower Filters 2020

1 AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

AquaBliss is a family-owned company; that’s why the majority of its products has been focusing on household uses.

And, AquaBliss has always been outspoken about its mission – to bring clean and pure water to homes across America.

With this showerhead filter, AquaBliss have unquestionably worked hard to bring this product to the consumers and made it to the top of our list.

Let us tell you why!

There is a simple reason for AquaBliss to name its product a 12-stage shower filter, and it is because this product explicitly offers 12 steps to ensure you can get the cleanest water with the top quality. They are:

  • Ultra-fine stainless steel mesh – blocking medium size sediments;
  • Micro-porous PP cotton – removes dust, turpitudes, and other small sediments;
  • Calcium sulfite – the tool to removes all chlorine from both hot and cold water;
  • Oxidation-reduction (redox) media – remove other harmful impurities;
  • Activated carbon
  • Far infrared balls;
  • Zeolite ceramic balls;
  • Ceramic vitamin C balls;
  • Tourmaline – add revitalizing minerals for your hair;
  • Magnetic energy balls – add oxygen to water;
  • Micro-porous PP cotton and ultra-fine stainless steel mesh – again, ensure the process once more time!

Can you even believe that?

This filter, though works wonders, doesn’t mean it’s perfect all the time. There have been some (although very few) complaints about the water pressure, which can build up or reduce randomly.

Therefore, if that happens, the company’s customer service is only one phone call away!


  • Effectively remove chlorine in both hot and cold water
  • Add vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin, hair, and nails in the water
  • Straightforward installation
  • Come with an extra filter cartridge
  • High quality and affordable price


  • Some reports about the instability of the water pressure


2 AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

If you have ever purchased any products from AquaBliss, especially shower filters, you know you’re buying quality.

This mode makes its reputation as a showerhead water softener for hard water with a 3-stage filtration system.

The system performs well in whatever the temperature of the water is, and guarantees extraction of sediments, dust, turpitudes, chlorine, heavy metals, trihalomethanes, organic materials, and other impurities.

As a result, your water will begin to feel softer (hence the nickname!). And it would be much tenderer on your skin and hair.

Another great thing about this filter is that you will no longer smell the odor of chlorine in your water. It does this with the multi-stage filtration system, including:

  • KDF 55 – Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) media, a chemical compound used in water filtration applications, can maximize the effectiveness of filters when combining with Activated Carbon;
  • Activated Carbon – a frequently used component for filtering, can remove contaminants and impurities;
  • Calcium Sulfite – also a chemical compound, 100 times more potent than Activated Carbon at removing Chlorine.

Customers have been showering this product with praises ever since it made it first debut on the market.

On the other hand, AquaBliss does have some unsatisfied reviews. They noticed the reduced water pressure considerably but were unsure whether it was the result of incorrect installation.


  • The 3-stage filtration system is excellent with hard water
  • Versatile and compatible with all types of shower heads
  • Easy to install, dismantle and replace filter
  • Replaceable shower filter cartridge comes with the box


  • No shower heads included
  • It lower the height of the shower


3 Barclay’s Buys Shower Head with Filter

The filter built in the Barclay’s Buys shower head is capable of reducing 80-90% of the chlorine from your water.

It also takes out Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), primarily calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulfates.

Barclay’s Buys has organized clinical tests to understand more about the consumers’ needs as well as the effectiveness of its shower head filters.

And the result has been positive, for example, the water with 291 TDS has gone down to 91 TDS when using the filter.

The filter mediums consist of an ion box, sponge and calcium sulfite stones and will endure for about six to eight months. The amount of TDS in your water undoubtedly factors in the length of its endurability.

The company also puts in the water flow adjustments for you to choose the pressure you want whenever you’re taking a shower.

Also, this showerhead filter can clean up to 2.5 gallons, enough for you for a whole month.

After all, this product is quite easy to clean whenever you feel it’s jammed up, which may happen somewhat quickly, as some few customers have complained.


  • Easy to install
  • The all-metal parts do their roles superbly
  • Affordable price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Quickly to jammed up, according to some
  • You can not alter the shower stream
  • Some say it might leak, but you can adjust to get rid of the leaking


4 Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head with Massage

First off, this showerhead filter is wall-mounted and not a handler. Culligan even slaps the EPA Watersense certification on this product to show off its quality.

Next, let’s say, we are impressed that they claim to be able to deliver a 99% of chlorine-removal rate for your shower water, which is one of the bothersome chemicals.

The showerhead filter also takes out other contaminants in water, which can cause you to scratch your head like crazy.

On top of that, the scale decrease has allowed the water stream to stay high. This tool offers five distinct spray settings while remaining adjustable. You can adjust the way the shower water hits your body.

Got an itch? Don’t worry, switch to the maximum setup, the water will do the job for you.

And if you want a quiet, soothing treatment after a hard day at work or the gym, Culligan manages to put in the tender spray setting with the “hot tub” jet mode! Culligan sure can satisfy its customers, no doubts about that.

However, objectively, no products are perfect without any faults of its own. And this showerhead filter is no exception. There have been some problems noted about the water pressure, which from time to time, can fluctuate without warnings.


  • User-friendly
  • Costumes can easily install the product without help
  • The shower spray is adjustable as per one’s liking


  • Customers may experience some discomforts in the fluctuating water pressure
  • After shutting off the valve, some notices the water leaking from the shower head


5 Berkey Shower Filter WITHOUT Shower Head – Best Showerhead Filter For Iron

Berkey doesn’t want to risk to sound redundant with the shower filter community with this product.

Which is why this filter focuses on its mission of removing the chemicals, especially the heavy metals in the water such as iron, mercury, and lead.

That doesn’t mean Berkey has forgotten about chlorine. No way. The one component that every shower filter on the market should be able to remove from your water.

And Berkey has guaranteed a 95% removal rate with this tool. And once chlorine and heavy metals are outside of your water, you will start to notice how different the shower water on your skin is.

And for your itchiness and those skin-related diseases that won’t go away, this filter has come to your rescue. It can limit the lime, mold, scale, and fungi in your shower water.

That makes buying it more appealing. In another aspect, Berkey packs in the backflush attachment to avoid premature clogging.

But it also isn’t compatible with the shut-off valve, which for some, can be inconvenient.


  • Concentrate on removing many kinds of heavy metals, especially iron
  • Decrease the level of inhaling water vapor
  • User-friendly, make it easy for consumers to install by themselves
  • Attach backflush to support maintenance
  • Lightweight


  • The backflush attachment isn’t compatible with the shut-off valve
  • Might cause fluctuations in water pressure


6 Aquasana Shower Filter AQ-4100NSH – Best For Your Skin & Hair

Coming from an established brand, we expect a lot from this filter. And it mostly delivers.

Aquasana provides carbon media with copper/zinc and natural coconut shell which can get rid of 91% of the chlorine and other harmful chemicals in your shower water.

And the copper/zinc part of the filter will boost the water pH balance, which helps not to dry out your skin.

Besides chemicals, the manufacturer also says that this model can separate pesticides and other contaminants residing in wastewater.

There have been some discussions regarding the installation and maintenance of this filter.

However, the majority of the customers has responded positively about those issues.

We also experienced it ourselves, and after carefully following the instructions, we finished it under half an hour, so remember to read the manual!

By the way, this filter cartridge can last up to 6 months or 10000 gallons of water, whichever comes first!


  • Concentrate on removing many kinds of heavy metals, especially iron
  • Decrease the level of inhaling water vapor
  • User-friendly, make it easy for consumers to install by themselves
  • Attach backflush to support maintenance
  • Lightweight


  • The backflush attachment isn’t compatible with the shut-off valve
  • Might cause fluctuations in water pressure


7 AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Head Filter

AquaHomeGroup puts a lot of eggs in this basket as this tool offers a lot of benefits with its wide range of features.

First off, we can’t ignore the fact that the company claims it brings perfectly 100% pure water to your shower. Now that’s a bold move.

We know that’s it has 15 stages of filtering, but to confidently shout out like that, you’d better have something to back up.

They use a lot of different kinds of media, like granulated activated carbon filters, coupled with KDF-55, calcium sulfite, alkaline ceramic balls, and dense structure of polypropylene cotton. That sounds complicated, and it is.

It’s also useful in our book. That system can fast-track the process of eliminating chlorine and chloramines.

Also, this model does soften the shower water for the benefits of our skin. Without the heavy metals and other harmful contaminants, it awakens your cell, pumps oxygen into the blood, gets rid of unpleasant odors and impurities.

Filtered water can also help soothe your fatigue, and the most important thing (for all the ladies out there) is slowing down the aging process!

The main drawback we have seen in the reports of this product is some complaints about the installation. Even though it’s kind of rare, but still happens to some people.

So if anything isn’t in order, make sure you contact the customer service, as they will work fast and usually deliver satisfying results.


  • Affordable with a lot of features
  • The multi-stage filter helps to improve the quality of the water
  • Good looks
  • Have a delightful impact on your hair and skin


  • Might have trouble installing, as some complained


What Is In Shower Water?

You spend a lot of money, and I mean a lot, on cleansing products such as shower gel, exfoliation, scrubs, soaps, etc., to get all the dirt and bacteria off of your body.

All that effort might go to waste if you don’t have a shower filter in your bathroom!

Why would I say such a horrible thing to you?

Because you should know now the untold truth no companies ever willing to tell you when buying their skincare products, no product can absorb into your skin if there are a wall of chemicals standing in the way.

Again, why did I say that?

Do you know there so much pesticide in your shower water that you’re bathing in a pool full of them? I’m not scaring you into using a filter for your shower; I’m merely presenting to you undeniably scientific facts.

Scientists around the world have published so many studies about the danger that unfiltered shower water poses. For example, there is an army of microorganisms and contaminants patiently waiting for your next shower and jumping right out of your shower head and onto your skin.

Why are they so eager? Because you have no defense, nothing to shield you from them, you are the definition of an easy target in their eyes!

Not to mention, you have to realize at least one chemical, which is chlorine, hiding in your water, don’t you? While it’s a fact that your water supply company needs chlorine to eliminate toxic pathogens in water, it also can push your skin down the road of aging pretty fast.

And the American Journal of Public Health once linked a 15 to 35% rate of growth in specific kinds of cancer within citizens who consume chlorinated water.

Is the big C enough for you to consider that maybe unfiltered shower water is not good for you? There’s chemical also found in the water system that’s even more hazardous than chlorine, which is chloramine – a chemical you’d get from mixing chlorine and ammonia.

And we’re sad to say, it poses significant risks and can cause more irritation to your body skin and lungs than chlorine alone. Regrettably, there are many filters nowadays on the market that offers the function of removing chlorine but doesn’t perform well with chloramines.

So, keep that in minds while exploring the world of filtration devices!

Shower Water Filter Systems: Solution to the Shower Water Problem

If you don’t use a whole-house water filtering system, you should use Shower Water Filter Systems for your shower.

Reduce The Chlorine

As we all know by now, our municipal water supply has a large amount of chlorine in it, as all the water supply companies regularly use it to kill harmful pathogens.

And even though, you have carefully selected some kinds of drinking water filtration, you can still ingest loads of it by showering.

Nowadays, one of the fundamental requirements for a shower filter is its ability to get rid of chlorine; some have a 99% rate, some 95%.

Whichever the capacity is, as long as over 90%, it can function well in respect of reducing chlorine.

Make Water Softer

Have you ever felt even though you adjust the water pressure, it still hits your body harder than you wish?

There’s a reason for that discomfort, and it’s because of the heavy metals in your shower water. I get that sometimes you like the pressure level to be high, but your skin will get tired of defending you against those heavy metals.

And, the aging process will inevitably start sooner than you’d have expected. The shower filter’s mission is to make your water softer, slow down the aging process, and prevent your skin from absorbing those damaging heavy metals.

Stop Bacteria And Viruses

Besides chlorine and undissolved metals, another concern with unfiltered shower water is about residues from waste particles.

You can find a lot of bacteria and viruses in those residues. And they are the ones causing a lot of illness, which is one of the functions of showerhead filters.

Remove The Harmful Chemicals

If you feel like something is missing from our list of contaminants, that’s right; we haven’t mentioned the harmful chemicals yet.


The reason is that several compounds in the shower water are the contributing factors in many kinds of cancers.

The dangerous thing about these chemicals is, even though you don’t directly consume it through drinking, let’s remember that those poisons can find the way into your system through inhalation or absorption.

Safe For Children

After filtering out all the contaminants, this tool usually is designed to be user-friendly and harmless for your children as well.

It would be rather pointless to keep your children safe from the unfiltered shower water and have that filter be unsafe for them.

That’s why all the manufacturers always have the safety of our children in minds while building the products.

Types Of Shower Filters and How They Work

According To Their Design

Showerhead Filters

This type has the filter built in with the showerhead. So when purchasing one, you usually can install it by yourself by replacing the showerhead you already had.

In-Line Shower Filter

This design is often in the shape of a long tube and installed by standing in as part of your shower system. They are generally small and don’t need a lot of effort to install.

In-Line And Showerhead Filters

As the name can tell us, it’s the combination of the previous types.

Anyway, it’s usually the biggest model and required more effort when installing. You will have to set up both the in-line part and the showerhead.

According To Their Filtration Cartridges’ Capacities

Multi-level Carbon Filters

They are a fantastic choice for anyone who needs to shop on a budget and those who don’t mind stepping in a cold shower. Carbon filters are regularly useful at getting rid of chlorine.

However, the main downside is it might lose its effectiveness when working in warm or hot temperatures. One of the reason it’s popular in drinking filter machines.

KDF Filters

This one is well-liked among the consumers. It’s often budget-friendly, and efficient at clearing out chlorine. But, although it can remove chloramines, the result wouldn’t be as much as you expected.

The most commonly used KDF filter is KDF 55, which is capable of wiping out or lessening chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, lead, iron, magnesium, chromium, and mercury.

It also helps the carbon filters last longer and be more effective. The filter can operate well in warm or hot water temperatures too.

Vitamin C Filters

The newer and more modern model has taken a piece of our heart while proficiently removing both chlorine and chloramines. How? You might ask. That’s is what so brilliant about this filter.

They add vitamin C in, and the chemistry between them takes care of the rest. It makes chlorine and chloramines harmless while doing little to our skin.

A lot of consumers have praised this filter for the fact that they notice a change for the better in their skin and hair after using this vitamin C filters.

Common Misconceptions and Myths About Shower Filters

Shower Filters Remove All Chlorine

Even as hard as the industry is trying, this is not true.

Quality filters are usually able to remove about 90% or a higher amount of chlorine but to achieve 99%, and we are not saying it’s impossible, it can be highly unlikely.

Shower Filters Are Expensive

There is a time when everything has the word “filter” in it automatically gets labeled “expensive.”

Although admittedly, some brands cost more, that fact is almost current types of filters are somewhat affordable.

Shower Filters Are Hard To Install

There are some truths in this claim, but as the public has shared their own experiences, 90% of them find shower filters are quite easy to put in, whatever types you’d get.


We don’t know what to say more about shower filters, so go out and buy one right now! It doesn’t cost a lot but brings a lot of benefits back to you and especially your body.

We certainly hope you enjoy our article regarding this matter, and as you can imagine, this kind of products is fun to test. So it’s honestly our pleasure as well!

Lastly, if you think we’re missing something, please leave a comment below to let us know, and we’ll add it in!