Top 5 Best Salt-Free Water Softeners (2021 & Review)

Best Salt-Free Water Softeners 2021

Pure water can be hard to find. While treatment plants get rid of chemical, germs, and other bacteria, a lot of people just can?t stand the hard water experience. With the Best Salt-Free Water Softeners 2021, you can say goodbye to spotty laundry and that itchy feeling after bathing.

Not only that. Water softeners help maintain the good condition of your pipes, appliances, and plumbing fixtures by preventing mineral build up that could otherwise damage them.

To solve your hard water problem, we have gathered six of the Best Salt-Free Water Softeners in the market today.

Top 5 Best Salt-Free Water Softeners for 2021


The APEC FUTURA-15 is known for discarding salt?s insertion and for its ability to avert scaling. It has a finely contoured appearance and authentic forming for long-lasting use. This product prioritizes the corrosion and scale occurrence in your plumbing system. It prevents corrosion and scaling by not changing the attribute of these minerals so that they do not stick to the inner surface of your pipes and water fixtures.

In this regard, naming the system ?water conditioner? is perfectly accurate. The system prevents the building of rust, corrosion, and scales, so ?bubbling? and ?silky? feeling is not a concern anymore.

Backwashing the device and plugging it into an electrical outlet is not worrisome, too.
Also, salt replacement and wastewater draining are not agonizing.


  • Prioritizes corrosion
  • Easy to situate
  • Provides safer water
  • Maintenance is unnecessary
  • Flow rate is better


  • No built-in water filter
  • Don?t exceed 25 GPG
  • Needs electricity


2 Tier1 Essential Certified Series Salt Free Water Softener – Best Pick by Customers

It is the nature of salt-based water softeners to put a slick and soapy feeling on your skin.
But, if you have Tier 1 Essential Certified Series that is a reliable softener that helps you with its pre-filter to give you a better quality of water you can now put a smile on your face.

To those people who trails a low maintenance water softener, the unique design of Essential saves it all.
In choosing this system backwashing is not a concern as well as repetition of refilling salt.

When it comes to electricity consumption, you do not have to waste force just to plug in this system to condition your water.

One of its special features is it has two separated canisters united by connectors. One is for the conditioning of the water, while the other handles the filtration. Because of its different fittings, the system eliminates the chances of leaking. The filter also happens to eliminate the odor of chlorine.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Filters chlorine and particles
  • Easy to be installed
  • Prevent scaling through conditioning
  • Capable of water hardness level


  • Not a pure softener
  • Filter?s only for removing particles
  • Softening water isn’t prioritize


3 Salt Free Water Softener– Best Choice

The descaler and conditioner system is providing gentleness to our bodies. Removing impurities in water is common to this system; therefore health is being prioritized in this device.

ActivFlo Technology is one of its special features. Four different efficient phases of filtration happen in the compact package of the system.

The distinct odor of chlorine is eliminated in this product. You should be glad you are not welcoming this kind of high-level minerals in your body.

Water conditioner and salt-free water softener are both a label of this product as it alters the characteristics of the minerals that keep the water hard, so having capable of clinging onto the interior surface of water pipes and fixtures is unnecessary.

In the risks of corrosion, it frees your water system. The minerals also will not be removed so expecting your bones to become healthier is a must. Electrical consumption is not a hassle anymore and even maintaining this system is never a problem.


  • Efficiently filtrates contaminants
  • Conditions water better
  • Scales are prevented
  • Maintenance is unneeded


  • Expensive
  • Complicated to install


4 OneFlow + Salt-Free Scale Prevention and Water Filtration System

This softeners merely focuses on preventing scale and it targets customers who are looking for an affordable and effective system. Since this product have both functions ?water softener? and ?water conditioner?, people will not be shocked why it was named the OneFlow Salt-Free Scale Prevention System.
Its special feature is it has a Template-assisted Crystallization technology embedded and is perfectly working.

This product has a lot of good feedbacks such as people do not experience slippery feeling better after showering. It has also a built-in filter cartridge that is completely different from other products. Its design also makes the installation straightforward. The odor and taste of the water will be eliminated because of the pre-filter.

Sadly, its pore size is too large which makes it ineffective in trapping smaller particles. In that sense, other households will be pursued to add another water filter with a smaller pore size to aid the problem of the microorganisms.


  • It prevents scale formation
  • Eliminates odor of chlorine
  • Less-hassle installation
  • Protects water appliances
  • Effective in trapping particles


  • Unbearable filter pore size
  • Less screen lifespan
  • Maintenance of filter


5 Aquios Full House Salt Free Water Softener and Filter System

A product can be satisfying as you read what it does, right?
In conditioning and preventing your water from scaling in your water system, Aquios leads. It can help you become healthier as it refreshes the water from your shower and even enables you to include it confidently in your cooking chores.

A substance siliphos lets the calcium and magnesium transform in water. The crucial part of the process is rendering calcium and magnesium for not getting close to the water system?s inner surface, so it?s healthy to drink.

Regenerating the system by adding salt is unessential. This is a healthier benefit to those people who have problems in taking so much sodium.

It has a built-in water filter, considering it in the Aquios is one of the right decisions we have made. Its water filter layer has a standard pore size of 5 microns, a sufficient number for regular use. And the system can purify up to 40,000 gallons of water that are adequate for semi-annual for an average household.


  • 15 gallons per minute
  • 5-micron carbon eliminates dirt
  • 30 grains per gallon
  • Conditioners electricity is unnecessary
  • No backflush of water


  • Unclaimed anti-scaling effects
  • Cartridges maintenance
  • Exudes if improperly attached


6 AO Smith Whole House Salt Free Water Descaler

A product that provides basic, yet most important needs for everybody. AO Smith Whole House Salt-Free descaler supplies the best water for drinking, cooking, washing, and other household activities. The filter is a carbon canister type. This product reduces dirt, sediments, and chlorine taste or odor from your water.

Killing about 99% of bacterias, viruses, herbicides, pesticides, and more dangerous chemicals floating around the city water supply. Plus, it softens water to reduce mineral build-up on pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Another thing about the AO Smith is it ensures long-lasting use of product and budget-friendly. There is no cleaning, backflushing, or electricity required. Easy installment and the water reduces scale build-up for up to 6 years or 600, 000 gallons, depending on the water coming in.


  • Budget friendly
  • Filters waste
  • and reduce odors
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Doesn?t come with filter
  • Doesn?t come with water softener
  • Whole unit replacement



Investing in one of the Best Salt-Free Water Softeners is a vital decision you need to make today. This is especially true if you are living in an area where the water source contains minerals like calcium. The next step is choosing the model that best suits your household needs.