Best Marine Water Softeners 2021(Update & Review)

Best Marine Water Softeners

A marine water softener is basically a water softener but a portable version. The best marine water softener 2021 is a type of system that is not only for boats. You can also use it in your RVs and can serve as your on the go water softener system.

Buying marine water softeners might be a bit confusing especially if it?s your first time. This guide will help you pick the best marine water softener that suits your needs. We?ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of three products ? without bias.

Best Marine Water Softeners 2021 on the market

1 Pro Aqua Portable Mobile Water Softener – Best Product 2021

Waters can be created for years as this system is formed with high-grade NSF materials. Polyethylene and reinforced with a durable fiberglass wrap are what the tank’s inner body is made of. So in durability, Portable RV Water Softener leads. Speaking of its portability, if you are fanatic about traveling, then this Softener is suitable for you.

For a significant boat, RV, and mobile owners, 16,000 units is a better choice. With its size, the system is more than 40% soft water compared to other units. Regenerates in less than 30 minutes, joined with two boxes of table salt.

Dry skin, dry scalps, and eczema are nowhere to be found if you use this unit as it removes harmful hard minerals from the water you are using.

This is also applicable to appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Because of this unit, you can deal with stains, mineral build-up, and hard water. Backwashing is not a problem as it will only take 5 minutes. It can give you enough water for 40 next days or 2,000 gallons of water.


  • 30 minutes of regeneration
  • Portable and well founded
  • 2 boxes of salt are needed
  • Easy to be installed
  • Capable of 2,000 gallons


  • Leaking is possible
  • Optional filter
  • Needs flushing


2 Mobile Soft Water Softener – Best Pick by Customers

This Mobile H20?s C-Style has a 12,800 Kilo-grain with a size of 0.4 Cubic Feet. And this system conditions specific metals in water like Magnesium, Calcium, Lead, Radium, and Iron. It has an 8-inch diameter by 21.675-inch tall conditioner with3/4? Male garden hose in-out connections. This system can handle up to 5 gallons per minute with a total hardness of 10 grain and can cope with 1280 gallons of water being conditioned.

Mobile H20 has 8-inch diameter fiberglass strengthen plastic pressure vessels constructed for 150 PSIG operating pressure. Both inlet and outlet Nylon is a lead-free, NSF 61 Rated. Having no electricity is fine for it regenerates without it. This is so good for vehicles that are restoring.

In all aspects, it will make you feel comfortable as it prioritizes spots on dishes and any stains, and it gives a smoother experience on your skin.


  • Capable of 16,000 grain
  • Portable and not heavy
  • Easy installation
  • Handles high capacity resins
  • Reliable nylon fittings


  • Doesn?t have ? connectors
  • Lacks input water hose


3 OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable RV Water Softener – Best Choice

Compared to the usual water softeners, this double standard softener and conditioner is the largest compact RV softener on the market that produces gallons twice than other softeners. It is for the Marine/RV model and capable of 16,000 grain with a flawless fit and provides approx.

This system is 40% more soft water and regenerates in less than half a minute, and supplies water to holder up to 1600 gallons or up to 40 days. Because of its design, which is safe-saver and compact, high flow rates will be allowed with a very low-pressure drop.

Portable and hassle-free in adding salt as it has a large mouth for opening with high-grade premium resin. This design has quick and simple regeneration. It uses a standard garden hose connection in the middle of park faucet and your RV/Marine that do not need electricity and any apparatus plus with its compact construction 22? Hx9.50? dia. that can be kept in your storage dockside case and storage bay.


  • Capacity is large
  • Space-saving and compact
  • Has 360-degree swivel
  • Less than 30 minutes regeneration
  • Easy to be installed


  • Leaking is possible
  • Needs Teflon Tape


What Is A Marine Water Softener/ Who This Is For ?

Marine softener is a system that purifies the water as its main aim is to soften your water. If you have a recreational vehicle, camper, RV, or mobile home, then a marine water softener is the best choice. When it comes to portability, wherever you are, you can still have safer water to consume because this device is transferrable and space-saver.

It means any people who are enthusiasts of traveling will have the urge to look for this device. Most softeners have their own nature taking the displeasing minerals. It prevents scaling and corrosion in the interior surface of your pipes or your plumbing system. One advantage of this portable machine is it doesn’t need any electricity or attachments to work.

Having this softener as your solution is reasonable and life-preserving.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Marine Water Softener

In softening your water, the only option is pursuing a marine water softener that is so good, and you can spend your weekends on your mobile home and chill in your camp.

Hardness in the water is not a threat anymore, so applying this system in your recreational vehicle and boat is good. It is hassle-free to install.

Having this system is not just making the water soft it is also making it safer as it removes any toxins and let your water’s mineral content stable.

Prolonging the life of your plumbing system and pipes is also the secret of this system not to be cost-efficient when it comes to its maintenance.

Some holders of this salt-based system find it saltier base on their liking, and we all know that to some people having so much sodium is bad.

One of the reasons why people are hesitant to buy this is the expensiveness of the whole system.
And marine softeners cannot guarantee every owner that it takes all of the toxins in your water, so a filter is a must if you are aiming for drinkable water.
It depends on how the owners use it, and we know that every unit has its downside.


Overall, having a marine water softener is highly satisfying and proves to be a good investment.
We hope this article helps you to choose what kind of softeners you want. You can check those different features
and balance them if what suits you, base on your budget, time,