Top 10 Best Water Filters – The Definitive Guide

The Best Water Filters was created to protect our health and they have become an essential device in every family.

With the help of this device, your current drinking water will be better. In the long run, using it will even save you much money.

Not only that, using filtered water for showering will also make our hair better or skin healthier.

If you ask us what makes it important like that, scroll down now!

We have researched, done some tests and gathered some helpful information about this great device below. Read it carefully!

Why Do You Need A Water Filter?

Better smell and taste: The water you use may come from the municipality or the well, right? Sometimes, it is in very bad taste. Almost water filters are able to remove such bad smells and tastes.

Eco-friendly: Filtering the water will be more eco-friendly than using bottled water, agree? Bottled water often comes in such plastic containers, which may end up contaminating nature.

Healthier water: Utilizing filtered water in cooking will boost our overall health. This device will remove the bacteria, contaminants or chemicals from your water feed.

Plastic-free: Some bottle types contain BPA plastic. That component may cause many health issues. Filtered water will be better in this case.

No chemicals: Water filters will reduce the serious risk of consuming lots of chemicals such as heavy metals and pesticides in your daily drinking water.

Cheaper: At first, buying water filters might seem a large investment. But you will save much money at last.

Ideal for children: Kids can be susceptible to poisoning. Those compounds might present in any municipal water or in any well.

Better looking skin and hair: That’s right! They will look healthier and better after you use softened water.

Now, you know why we need a water filter, right? And before having your household filtration machine, it is also important to find out what your filter will remove through your water testing. But how?

How Do You Know If The Water Is Clean Enough?

Below are some common ways we would suggest:

If you’re consuming communal water, you can observe your water quality through the reports in your town/ state on the EPA website. Also, you can contact state-certified labs available in your location and send the water sample there for necessary examination.

The good news is that we have found out this recommended list of approved labs for each territory or state in the USA. Check it out!

In case the water comes from any private well or unreliable sources, you can test by some easy ways. The most affordable and simplest one is checking it with your senses. For example:

  • In case you see particles or clouds in your water, it isn’t safe to consume it or shower.
  • If your water has an unusual odor or taste, there may be contaminants like iron, chloramine, sulfur, or other dangerous chemicals.

Another popular and accurate way is looking for the Water Test Kits. You can buy those kits at many local shops or online.

They come with test strips which can change their colors if exposed to any contaminant in the water.

They will help you determine whether your drinking water is polluted by substances or not.

Don’t forget to buy products that have different strips for hardness, bacteria, chlorine, nitrates/nitrites, pesticides, heavy metals, and pH.

You shouldn’t buy test kits coming with the single strip because it will just determine the pH level of your water.

How Do Water Filters Work?

Now, you may wonder the way water filters work, right? Let’s find out the way 5 main kinds of water filters perform below:

Mechanical Filters

The mechanical filtration follows a basic idea. That is physically removing dirt, sediment, or particles in your water thanks to a barrier.


Mechanical filters can be a mesh for filtering out huge debris. They can become ceramic filters with the complex pore construction for filtering pathogenic organisms.

There will be a micron rating for any filter that uses mechanical filtration. The rating will indicate how effective that filter is on the subject of the particle size it can remove.

Absorption Filters

Activated carbon

The absorption in any water filter often takes advantage of the carbon. It is effective at gathering water-borne pollutants.

Why? Because carbon has a large internal surface. This surface has lots of crannies and nooks. They can capture chemical impurities like chlorine.

Most popular domestic filters have granular activated carbon that can reduce unwanted odors and tastes by absorption.

Such expensive filters will use carbon filter elements that are more functional and have its micron rating in removing particles.

Besides, there are different substances for making carbon for water filters. Here, coconut shell types are quite effective but a bit expensive.

Sequestration Filters

Sequestration means chemically isolating any substance type. They often use food grade and technical polyphosphate in the scale inhibitor filter system.

It will sequester the magnesium and calcium minerals that cause corrosion and limescale.

But, polyphosphate just inhibits scale and doesn’t come with small amounts. So, polyphosphate won’t soften your water but keep all minerals in the water.

Since the harder minerals are still in your water, the scale inhibition is not proper for applications.

Yet, water softening with a process like an ion exchange (IX) will be better. It’s also ideal for applications where the water maintains at the continuous temperature of around 95°C and even higher.

Ion Exchange Filters

The Ion exchange process will exchange the calcium and magnesium ions with other ones like hydrogen or sodium ones to soften the hard water.

Unlike the scale inhibition, this process will remove hard minerals, reduce limescale and make water proper for applications.

This process will use an IX resin that looks like small beads. In many water softeners, the resins can utilize sodium ions to prevent becoming ineffective resins.

Those resins are not used in water filters because the salt amount is limited just to about 200 milligrams per liter.

And the salt ion exchange will increase sodium levels, so the hydrogen-based resin will be better for water filter types.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

This is an effective method of purifying drinking water. It can combine with other filters like mechanical filters and absorption ones to return the water with fewer contaminants remaining.

Here, the reverse osmosis (RO) process is to remove inorganic dissolved solids (like calcium and magnesium ions) from the water.

This process happens when forcing water through the semipermeable membrane under pressure. So, the water will pass through whereas almost contaminants will be left behind.

The added filters related to multi-stage filtration will make an RO unit not cheaper than many other ways.

Yet, in applications that require 99.9% of purified water, RO types will offer the finest filtration level.

Top 10 Water Filter Reviews

As you know, water pollution has shown a considerable degradation in recent years. It’s a devastating impact on human health.

And you will be shocked to know that unhealthy eating and drinking habit is one of the main factors of cancer – a dangerous disease on the world.

When you have determined the contamination level of your water, you may now decide which filters you want for your specific purposes.

1 iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage – Best Whole House Water Filters

iSpring WKB32B WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration

The first model is one of the most outstanding whole house filter systems we’ve tested. It is a 3-stage US-made NSF-certified filter from iSpring brand.

What you’ll get from this fantastic system is three separate filters with different functions:

  • The first one will help to remove larger sediment particles from the water supply.
  • The second one is a carbon block CTO filter that provides the highest filtration efficiency.
  • The final one will catch and remove all remaining contaminants after the second stage.

Here, what the system focuses on is the ability to cut down nearly 98% of chloramine, heavy metals, fluoride, and other contaminants.

As a result, your water will taste much better and the laundry will feel soft. Sounds great?

There is just a problem we have to face when changing filters. The cartridges might move while you strive to attach their canisters back, which is a bit unpleasant.

This iSpring filter is ideal for a four-person household that need filtered water on a budget and cleaning up the city water to houses.


  • Quality materials
  • Reduces chloramine, fluoride, heavy metals and more
  • Filter customization
  • Simple to install, use or maintain
  • Lifetime guarantee & Good customer support


  • Its cartridges tend to move when changing filters


2 APEC Top Tier Alkaline Mineral pH+ 75 GPD 6-Stage – Best Reverse Osmosis Systems

APEC Top Tier Alkaline Mineral pH+ 75 GPD 6-Stage Review - AquafilterMag

One famous water filter brand you should not miss is APEC. Similar to many premium RO (reverse osmosis) systems, this unit is manufactured, assembled, and designed in the USA.

Here, you will have the safe alkaline filter and super efficient carbon blocks which can remove around 99.99% chlorine ‘s chemical properties in water.

It also has the fully lead-free faucet, food-grade FDA-approved tubing and vital parts. This polypropylene sediment high-capacity filter will also remove dust and particles.

The special thing? Its leak-free high-quality fast connect fittings don’t require added lock clips for sealing leak. It experiences quality control as same as the bestselling system ROES-50.

There is a thing you should notice. The pH level of final products can be a little higher for some users’ taste. In case you aren’t picky about that pH balance, this item is still a good option.

This APEC-Top Tier filter is ideal for those who enjoy mineral water and families with much needs.


  • Cost-effective, Long-lasting filters
  • Large GPD delivery level
  • 6-stage filtration
  • Exceptional taste and purity of water
  • Stress-free and simple to install or maintain
  • Extended warranty with free lifetime support service


  • The PH level of the finished product can be higher for the taste of some users.


3 Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Capacity – Best Water Softeners

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Capacity Review

This Fleck water softener is our other choice in term of removing many hardness minerals and calcium from drinking water.

A complete item has the high-capacity resin and fiberglass USA-made resin tank. There is also Noryl composite plastic bypass, brine tank and safety float, and digital 5600SXT metered softener.

Especially, it uses the ion exchange effective process to remove the magnesium and calcium which cause much hard water.

In most of our tests, it eliminates such hard water which leads to scale buildup with the help of its efficient control valve. By this, you will extend the lifetime of many appliances and plumbing!

This water softener even follows a simple installation and service. The meter has a five-year lifetime warranty and also runs on standard electrical outlets.

This Fleck unit has its downfall as well. While installing, you will need to consider the proper place. Why? Since its tank is tall and can’t fit in such tight areas.

Yet, that is only small inconveniences in comparison with quality water it provides and the excellent performance. This product will be perfect for large households.

It is not perfect for small ones due to the bulky and high capacity system. Those who follow low-sodium diets will be fine with this product without consuming it.


  • Brine tank holding an entire salt bag
  • Digital meter for water usage reduction
  • LCD display for viewing adjustments and features effortless
  • Simple to install
  • Durable and strong


  • Has a little tall tank that will not fit in such tight places.


4 Home Master TMAFC-ERP – Best RO Under Sink Water Filters

Home Master TMAFC-ERP Review - AquafilterMag

Our other pick is this Home Master labeled unit. The TMAFC has become one of our choices for the top RO systems before.

This top-rated system can remineralize your water to make it become less acidic and raise its pH.

Two main features which set this item apart from many mid-range ones and make it our best RO system are:

First, the drinking water purified by our RO process testing will have such a rather bland taste.

Why? Since almost dissolved minerals providing flavor are removed and it’s slightly acidic. After the purified process, it will pass through the remineralization filter.

That will add safe minerals available back into your water and raise its pH to the more alkaline value. As a result, you will get a mineral fresher tasting water.

Second, it is standard with its permeate pump. This non-electric pump will increase your water pressure right before it starts to enter your filters.

It will reduce water waste to 80% and increase water production to 50%. Both of them are significant when you use city water and are concerned about efficiency.

Despite being satisfactory and highly effective, this product is a bit expensive for some users.

With rudimentary skills, you can install it under your sink or place it in your basement. It is a perfect option for those who prefer healthier filtered water from such a top-rated RO system.


  • 75-gallon filtered water output each day
  • Provides better taste water
  • Removes about 98% of chemicals, solids, and metals
  • Permeate pump decreases waste and increases efficiency
  • Simple modular filter construction
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • A bit expensive more than other basic ones


5 APEC Portable CTOP – Best RO Countertop Water Filters

APEC Portable Countertop Review - AquafilterMag

This is one more excellent product from APEC Water Systems.

This RO system will let you enjoy RO filtered water if the under-sink installation isn’t practical, or you live in any temporary location.

This system is installation-free because you only need to attach your product to your standard faucet.

When connected, your entire device will sit next to your sink on your counter.

The clever design of its faucet adapter will let you switch between delivering water to your RO system and through that faucet.

Also, it has a waster tube, so the wastewater will flow down any sink drain. That output is dependent on the pressure and temperature of the water source. Yet, it fits the highest capacity under-sink structure in our now reviews.

The drawback is that it doesn’t have a storage tank and doesn’t work with all types of faucet types. Anyway, it is still a great choice when you prefer clean water from such a temporary system.

This APEC RO system is perfect for those who are in rented apartments, students, travelers, RV, hotel rooms, and other locations where the under-sink installation is impossible.


  • Lightweight, Simple to move and install
  • Up to 90 gallons of produced purified water per day
  • Removes about 99% of serious contaminants
  • Technical USA-based support


  • Doesn’t have any storage tank and not proper for all types of faucet


6 Engdenton Faucet Water Filter Stainless Steel – Best Faucet Water Filters

Engdenton Faucet Water Filter Review - AquafilterMag

The Engdenton product is excellent due to its good-quality materials and sturdy built. It combines all excellent functions with amazing ease of usage.

It has food-grade high-quality 304 stainless steel that is leak-proof and durable. It is able to swivel 360 degrees at all angle and become convenient for small kitchen sinks.

The Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) filtration will guarantee about 0.5micron filtration accuracy. There won’t be dirt, organic elements, unwanted debris or bacteria.

How about its highlights? It will remove all dust and sand particles from your water and makes water tasty but not losing helpful minerals. It will make your water healthier for use.

You can use this item for nearly 6 months of constant use. Every minute, you will get about eight filtered water cups.

The package is also full of equipment. It includes a filter, a cartridge, a gasket, a customer manual, and faucet adaptors.

The only downside is that it isn’t compatible with all faucet types because of its own design.

This Engdenton product will be ideal for offices, organizations, and large households.


  • Has 360° swivel
  • High and fast flow rate
  • Complete package
  • Straightforward installation
  • Stainless steel design
  • Leakproof and rustproof


  • Not work well with all faucet types


7 AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage – Best Shower Filters

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Review - AquafilterMag

This shower filter from AquaHomeGroup brand is among the best products for making the showers more enjoyable and making your hard water soft.

So, what will it eliminate?

It helps to remove heavy metals, chloramine fluoride, chlorine, and sediment. It will inhibit the scale growth in your bathtub as well.

You will like this: This device supports your body care a lot. It reduces the eczema development and itchy dry skin and boosts your hair, skin, nails health.

It acts as moisturizers, purifiers, softeners and offers the best sense for your sensitive skin. It also helps to boost the immune system with one of its available stages.

You can place it over handheld, rainfall, overhead, or shower heads for your convenient home use.

Every cartridge may last for around 6 months. Once your water gets dirtier, then you should change your filter more often.

However, we find out some possible leaks when we don’t install it properly. When we install it in the right way, everything works well. So, take notice of this point for your installation!

This AquaHomeGroup model will be a good option for users who don’t require a filtration system and enjoy the filtered shower water. It is also perfect for bathing your kids and even pets.


  • Good-quality material
  • Smart package
  • Easy replacement and installation
  • Performs well
  • 15-stage water filter system for better impurity removal.
  • Comes in filter and showerhead combo set


  • May leaks if not properly installed


8 Aquagear BPA-Free Filter Pitcher – Best Water Filter Pitchers

Aquagear Filter Pitcher Review - AquafilterMag

This USA-made Aquagear pitcher has food-grade premium materials. It will remove many different types of pollutants and about 2000% much more contaminants rather than other competitors.

We have checked out some testing results and were impressed by this recyclable, FDA approved and BPA-free model.

Our tests show a huge reduction in various contaminants, including lead, fluoride, chlorine, trihalomethanes, DDT, chromium-6 and mercury.

The final product still maintains many healthy minerals such as magnesium and calcium for healthier and better-tasting water.

The filter is also sturdy and sustainable. Once the product needs changing, you may contact the company to send its label of return shipping. Let’s use that label to send your filter back for recycling.

The model does not have any special feature to show the proper time for changing filters. So, you had better remember the date when you install the new filter. In case the flow starts to slow down, that is also a signal!

In case you’re seeking a filter product that can remove fluoride and lead, this Aquagear item is an excellent option for your family. You can also carry it while traveling.


  • Lightweight, durable filters and build
  • Long-lasting and recycle filter
  • Against Fluoride
  • Leaves healthy minerals
  • Good lifetime warranty


  • Has no reminder for changing the filter


9 MegaHome Countertop Water Distiller – Best Water Distillers

MegaHome Countertop Water Distiller Review - AquafilterMag

You aren’t willing to purchase the super water distillers, are you? Don’t worry! There is still a high-quality product at an affordable price.

That is the MegaHome model with many gold standards of a water distiller. The item is a clean and reliable one that can produce much pure water your needs.

It uses either stainless or glass materials, which is fascinating for a distiller device. Especially, it has an automatic shut-off part when done.

Thanks to the 4-liter capacity, it can provide sufficient cooking and drinking water for your medium house. It will take some hours so as to distill one gallon of your water.

With the stainless steel exterior and boiling chamber, it can last longer along with more reliable performance. Having a glass insert, it sits in almost glass.

In the full package, you will find a 120-volt distiller, a glass-collection bottle, a filter nozzle, a glass insert, 6 charcoal filters packs, and the residue cleaner.

This distiller will operate on just its one-touch button. It will eliminate and remove Lead, Fluoride, Chemicals, Chlorine, Bacteria, Parasites, and more.

While there are a few plastic components, with effective cleaning after using, you don’t need to care much about contamination.

For those who live in such coastal places or corrosive environment, this stainless exterior option is a perfect one. It is also great for individuals, laboratories, dentists, doctors, or businesses that need ultrapure water for more than ten years.


  • Durable stainless materials
  • Auto shutoff
  • Great flow rate
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Removes 99 to 99.9% impurities
  • Great for travel and home


  • A few plastic components


10 Katadyn Pocket Water Filter – Best Portable Water Filters

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter Review - AquafilterMag

This Katadyn device is a final reliable filter choice we would show among many backpacking scenarios out there.

It is a portable and durable and water filter that can take an amazing beating. According to some of our test results, it can handle much damage.

Compared to many other portable competitors with the pump system, this Katadyn item is still among the most effective one to pump.

It can remove all protozoa, bacteria and many other contaminants in any water types. By the way, the dirtier the water gets, the harder it can pump.

So, don’t abuse it too much! The use of the ceramic silver impregnated filter is solid.

Also, it will take a good pressure amount to force the liquid through it. That aspect explains why this Katadyn model lasts long with an amazing warranty.

Like many portable filters out there, you can’t use this Katadyn product in such freezing temperatures. In case there is still water left, it may crack when it freezes. Note this!

This product will fit into all kinds of suitcase, backpack, or glove boxes in your car. Many international travelers and outdoor enthusiasts also like its pocket design.


  • Lightweight, User-friendly
  • Suitable for remote water supply
  • Ideal for continuous and long-lasting use
  • Can withstand many extreme circumstances
  • High-quality design
  • Clean about 13,000 gallons of water


  • Not ideal in such freezing temperatures



Most frequent questions and answers

Do Water Filters Remove Valuable Minerals?

In some cases, healthy minerals are removed from the tap water after the filtration process. But it shouldn’t be a huge concern due to some reasons below:

  • The filters that remove healthy minerals (like RO filters) will come with its remineralizer filter. This part will supplement the lost minerals during filtration.
  • Almost residential filters won’t remove all healthy minerals.
  • Water shouldn’t be your primary supply of daily mineral consumption. A healthy and balanced diet will incorporate vital minerals for our health.
Do Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

There are three main methods to remove any fluoride in our water source. Those are using activated alumina cartridges, the reverse osmosis system or distillation. For instance, Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher or Megahome Countertop Water Distiller uses one of them. However, water softeners will not remove fluoride during its softening process. Also, carbon filters with activated charcoal can absorb impurities. Yet, they won’t reduce the fluoride effects in water.

Do Water Filters Remove Lead?

These are filtration methods and they are perfect for any lead removal:

  • Reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Distillation
  • NSF standard 53

In this case, Home Master’s TMAFC-ERP reverse osmosis system or Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher has the best rate of lead removal.

Now It’s Your Turn

That is the list of 10 Best Water Filter for your needs. And because using clean and fresh water is an important thing you should apply for better health, picking up a quality water filter is needed.

Consult our post and make a smart decision! As usual, don’t forget to share this post if you find it useful. Thanks!